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Respect for our planet and its natural resources.

To be a sustainable and successful business we must find better ways to protect and share Earth’s resources by reducing our use of raw materials, energy, water, and minimising waste.

Recycling glass is integral to our sustainable manufacturing process.

At Allied, we use lean manufacturing principles including A3 problem solving methodology, to continually reduce waste in all areas of our business and maximise the use of recycled materials.

Managing our resources efficiently today means caring for tomorrow.


Water is a vital component in glass container manufacture, it being essential for fundamental cooling operations within the process. Water is a highly valued resource therefore, at Allied we encourage each of our sites to use water efficiently and responsibly. Allied is investing in water recovery and recycling systems to halve our water consumption over the next five years.

Raw Materials

Allied is committed to reducing consumption of virgin raw materials. Increasing recycled content and partnering with other UK businesses to incorporate their wastes and by-products into our batch mix is one way that we continue to reduce the consumption of virgin raw materials every year. We treat the raw materials that we use as a precious resource, working hard to minimise waste within our batch plants and melting process.


As a business, Allied lays great emphasis on the effective collection and proper handling of all
waste products. Our primary focus is to avoid generating waste, running projects within different areas of the business and across all sites to identify the sources of waste and agree actions to
reduce the amount produced. Where waste is unavoidable we look at options to
reuse within our process, and we have been successful in reusing a number of raw material waste streams which would have historically been sent to landfill. Where we cannot reuse a waste
product, we seek recycling streams. Over 90% of our general waste stream is recycled. For every waste stream we ensure that the final destination for the waste materials is the most
appropriate and responsible option at that time. We never stop looking for ways to further reduce waste within the business.

Using the 3Rs principle “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” Allied has reduced the waste generated from secondary packaging by 58% since 2016.