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Our team of passionate craftsmen are dedicated to supporting our customers’ desire for innovative yet functional glass packaging, using their expertise to create some of the glass industry’s most inspirational glass bottles. The vast range of bottles we manufacture demonstrating the beauty and adaptability of glass whilst reflecting the sheer enthusiasm we have for bringing every individual unique brand to life.

Simply Beautiful:  The Lakes Gin Bottle

Allied Glass are proud to have been involved in the creation of the truly stunning new Lakes Gin bottle, an intricately embossed bottle which perfectly captures the spirit’s essence.  Kirsty Taylor, Marketing Director at The Lakes, says:

“Everything we do at The Lakes is focussed on luxury and we want to reflect the excellence of the liquid inside the bottle by its presentation.”

The bottle is certainly breath taking, the design is sophisticated and elegant with the unique quatrefoil outline which is central to the design symbolic of faith, hope, luck and love, being finely embossed across the beautiful pale blue glass.  This heavy patterning and embossing of The Lakes Distillery around the shoulder makes the bottle challenging to manufacture Michael Hogley, Allied’s Design Director says:

“We are proud to introduce the new bottle design for the Lakes Gin which we believe strikes the perfect balance between the classic and the contemporary using a range of decorative techniques which createra a glass bottle with outstanding on-shelf presence.”

However, it is not only about the look of the stunning bottle, it is also the quality of the spirit inside which makes The Lakes Gin such an exceptional and ambitious offering.

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