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The Lakes Distillery Reveals Steel Bonnets Blanded Malt Whisky

The Lakes Distillery has released the world’s first blend of English malt and Scotch malt whisky in a proprietary bottle.

A handsome bottle, created in the very finest extra white flint glass, it features the most intricate embossing of a reiver on his horse and bold screen printing to perfectly reflect the premium nature of the unique spirit within.

A handpicked blend of individual malt whiskies, the name Steel Bonnets pays homage to the memory of the English and Scottish people who lived on the Border Marches from Berwick Upon Tweed in the East to Carlisle in the West during the 13th-17th centuries.  Their life was one of constant struggle to survive, exacerbated by the armies of Scotland and England as they marched through the borderlands to fight for the right to govern a united Scotland and England.

The armies took from the people of this land and in turn they also robbed or reived from others, English and Scots alike.  In early English, to reive is to rob and from this were born the Border Reivers nicknamed the ‘Steel Bonnets’ after the distinctive helmets they wore.

Nigel Mills CBE, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of the Lakes Distillery, said:

“It was very important to us that our geographical location, its people and its culture were recognised in this new blended malt whisky ‘Steel Bonnets’.  The Border Reivers were an integral part of Border history in the 300 years leading up to the union between England and Scotland in 1707.”