Repackaging The Famous Grouse

The brief for The Naked Grouse pack was to create a presentation that celebrated an outstanding product. The premium blended whisky contains two of the world’s most renowned malts, Highland Park and The Macallan, slowly matured in expensive sherry casks, therefore making the product the hero without making use of unnecessary packaging.  In particular, Naked Grouse would never be sold in a gift carton, and so the bottle was more important than ever in delivering the message to the consumer.

Appealing to a new audience of whisky drinkers and breaking with traditions The Naked Grouse celebrates the fact that this great tasting whisky mixes well, making great tasting cocktails.

The designers of The Naked Grouse pack has also challenged the norms of whisky packaging in that the presentation exudes premium values whilst achieving a modern image.  This is achieved not only by relying upon the use of weight to add value but by designing a right-weight container with almost no labelling.

The iconic Famous Grouse image is debossed into the face of the bottle, and allows instant recognition of the Brand on shelf.  The omission of traditional labels is a bold step, but allows the product to speak for itself.

Particular care was taken with the creation of the detail in the deboss, as it is so intrinsically linked to the brand. The designers, conscious of the need to have the visual effect of a real bird, married 3d modelling technology with hand cut craftsmanship, ensuring the moulding was as intricate and accurate as possible. This included chipping the feathered detail by hand, to give a non-uniform natural appearance.

The container provides the consumer with some hidden pleasures to be discovered.  Once inverted the bottle reveals a grouse footprint on the base of the bottle and the words ‘please recycle’ in place of the traditional stipple.

This product is designed to introduce new consumers to The Famous Grouse family.