Phraya Rum

A captivating bottle which demonstrates the creative and technical potential of combining materials to craft an opulent container which exemplifies the luxurious qualities of Phraya Rum and creates phenomenal on-shelf presence.

Phraya  is one of the finest rums in the world and the only super-premium luxury rum from Asia.  It is distilled, matured, blended and bottled in the ancient Kingdom of Thailand, where according to ancient Asian philosophy, the world and our existence within it, is governed by four elements, fire, earth, air and water.  Phraya is made using a time- honoured process that obeys these natural laws and their influence is reflected in the very distinctive design upon every bottle.

The goal of the designers and manufacturers of this bottle was to craft a visually stunning pack that would reflect the craftsmanship, quality and authenticity of Phraya rum and distance it from the average rum brand and  redefine luxury for a new generation of rum drinkers.

This is achieved by the production of an opulent pack, which combines a beautiful flint glass bottle manufactured to the most exacting standards, wrapped with an ornate, real metal cuff. 

The exquisitely designed bottle, uses broad shoulders, a tall elegant neck and heavy base to provide a sense of stability and allows for filling and operational efficiencies.

The debossed icon on the back of the bottle also provides an additional cue of a premium, highly crafted and distinctive bottle. Eliminating the traditional label – the Phraya rum bottle is screen printed, once again providing a distinctive impression.