Loch Lomond Whisky - Formidable Bottles for an Exceptional Single Malt

Allied Glass has recently been tasked with developing a collection of stunning bottles for the new range of Glen Scotia premium single malt whiskies.

Designed to rejuvenate Glen Scotia as a premium single malt, whilst reflecting the unique style of the distillery and Campbeltown single malts, the three individual bottles, two of which are produced in white flint and one in green glass, are tall and slender in shape giving an elegant feel. Incorporated within each individual bottle design are tactile premium touches such as intricate screen printing, sophisticated labelling and bold embossing which generate a creative look whilst ensuring consumers are able to identify each truly unique expression.

Scott Dickson, of the Loch Lomond Group, says:

"We are immensely proud of Glen Scotia's remarkable heritage and the quality, craftsmanship and skill that the new whiskies embody. The packaging design is a way of connecting with our past while celebrating the exhilarating journey we have begun into the future."