Bulldog Gin

Bulldog Gin is the inspiration of former Investment Banker, Anshuman Vohra, who traded in a stock management career for an edgier venture, launching his very own super premium London Dry Gin brand.  Inspired by his global travels, Anushuman fashioned a vivacious gin and an ingenious container, which makes the brand instantly recognisable and gives it tremendous presence on shelf,  Anshuman says:

“Bulldog is a fresh take on gin – combining the best of the new and traditional, therefore we decided to take a different approach to the packaging.  The glass reflects the premium position of the gin and also gives the bottle the distinctive and highly contemporary feel we wanted.”

Designed to visually evoke the bold philosophy behind its contents, the highly creative and unique bottle with its broad shoulders and iconic spiked collar, represents a revolutionary approach to the premium London Dry Gin category.

 Manufactured at Allied’s state of the art Knottingley operation, which specialises in producing coloured bottles  using a forehearth feeder colouring facility, Philip Morris, Sales and Marketing Director at Allied Glass says:

“At Allied Glass we have perfected the application of forehearth colouring technology, offering our customers the ability to manufacture almost any colour of container with an endless palette of colours and the flexibility to produce minimal run lengths.”

Bulldog is an ultra-premium gin handcrafted in London.  It is quadruple distilled, triple filtered and infused with the taste and aromas of its 12 selected botanicals.  Made from traditional copper pot stills and a painstaking distillation process, it exudes a smooth and harmonious texture with distinctive flavour.