Midleton Whiskey

Midleton Whiskey


Luxury Packaging Award 2018
Drinks Pack of the Year

A limited number of bottles of Midleton Very Rare have been released every year by the Midleton Distillery since 1984, making the exclusive whiskey highly collectable.

The elegant profile of the new bottle, which is manufactured in the finest extra white flint glass, draws inspiration from a writer’s ink well, acknowledging Ireland’s history of producing world class literature and linking to the craftmanship which goes into distilling the liquid. The distinctive dip in the shoulder embodies a pen nib and the gentle flow of whiskey when poured.”

Judges Comments:

“Shouts quality and a good example of “less is more”. refined graphics and interesting fonts, nice use of typography. The bottles “V” shapes droplet is very unique and very attractive, focusses the eye down towards the label and Brand message. Great shelf impact and loaded with premiumness. Crafted box, simple and pure which marries perfectly with the bottle.”