Within Allied’s Walls

With the ability to produce 13 million glass containers every week in a highly efficient environment which works 24 hours a day, Allied Glass creates glass packaging for numerous markets including amongst others spirits, beers, foods and soft drinks.

In recent years, the company has made substantial improvements to both its’ manufacturing sites investing in both in technology, its’ facilities and workforce to ensure a highly efficient operation.

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Production Image

The Leeds Site

Two furnaces are installed at Leeds site, which have a combined maximum capacity of 520 tonnes of flint glass per day which feed nine production lines.

The Knottingley Site

Another seven lines are installed at the Knottingley facility which are served by two furnaces which have a combined mximum capacity of 450 tonnes, one furnace producing white flint glass whilst the second produces both extra white flint and coloured glass.

Machine Configuration

Allied Glass has invested in a comprehensive and adaptable service. Therefore, the company has a mixture of 6, 8 and 12 section machines operating at both sites, including 5½in and 6¼in CD models to achieve enhanced flexibility, especially when making specially shaped bottles. The Leeds site also benefits from a sampling machine which has the capability to run either single gob or double gob.

At Allied Glass, the bulk of production is achieved using the blow-blow process, together with a small amount of press-blow manufacture, which is used to produce wide mouth ware at the company’s Knottingley facility.