Dare to be Different

Decoration Inspiration

At Allied Glass, we willingly support brands who wish to invest in both the design and processes which directly enhance their products whether it be by using innovative shapes, colours or decoration all of which increase the consumer experience of a product.

At Allied’s modern decoration facility we bring together the finest materials, cutting edge technologies and unrivalled expertise to create endless possibilities for unique glass packaging, our specialists willingly helping our customers to differentiate their products through the highest quality screen printing.

Therefore, Allied’s printing capability includes a KBA – Kammann K15 machine, alongside a Techno 5 automatic machines and nine semi-automatic Debuit printing machines.

In addition, the company has a range of trusted partners which enables Allied to provide all other decoration techniques.

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Screen Printing

With a wide range of colours available, the screen-printing process uses organic, thermoplastic and enamel inks that can accurately reproduce complex graphics. It has the advantage of being fully recyclable. Screen printing can be combined with other decoration methods to create highly distinctive designs.

Precious Metal Printing

A fully automated decoration process which allows precious metals or enamels to be printed onto bottles using screen printing.

Sculptured Print

An advanced technique which creates a sculptured effect of the very finest quality.  It adds further sophistication to a bottle through the combination of both visual and tactile effects.


Providing endless possibilities for colour, eco-friendly water-based spray coating provides a creative alternative to classic glass colours. It also gives additional flexibility with the ability to coat either the entire bottle or specific areas. Spray coating also offers a range of different effects including frosting, soft touch or metallics.

Accessory Setting

This can be done either automatically or semi-automatically, possible accessories including metal objects, glass objects, leather or plastic pieces.