Our Miniature Range

Allied Glass has an exceptional portfolio of miniature spirit bottles geared towards high end spirits which are cost effective, practical, and readily available.

A beautiful collection, these 50ml bottles have been created with the individual care and crafting expertise for which Allied is renowned, each with their own with individual style, which makes them perfect for any spirit brand.

The miniature Titus

Imposing and functional yet aesthetically pleasing.

50ml Spirit
Titus 50ml – 3352

The miniature Newton

An exceptional bottle which is refined and versatile.

50ml Spirit
Newton 50ml – 3184

The miniature Brunel

An authentic shape for a premium look.

50ml Spirit
Brunel 50ml – 3494

The miniature Round Spirit

Clean lines and a timeless round shape.

50ml Spirit
Spirit 50ml – 334-2015

The miniature Square Spirit

Immediately striking with its robust design.

4.5L Square
Square – 50ml – 3359-2010

The miniature Dimple Decanter

A classic decanter with a contemporary twist.

4.5L Square
Tapered Square – 50ml – 3396-2000

Add a little Extra

To create further sophistication to your miniature bottle, Allied offers a range of customisation options including spraying in transparent or opaque finishes and screen printing using the finest organic inks.

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