Decoration Brilliance for The Isle of Arran White Stag

Beyond the design and manufacture of bespoke, premium glass containers, Allied Glass is also a specialist in the decoration of luxury spirit bottles, always looking for new challenges.  A perfect demonstration of the company’s decoration capability is the White Stag Arran single malt whisky bottle recently released by the Lochranza Distillery.

A bespoke container, manufactured for the Isle of Arran range, this special limited edition bottle is expertly spray painted in an opulent matt black, before being intricately screen printed across a large print area with two organic inks, using a semi-automatic printing machine.  A highly complex decoration, the magnificent deer having been originally a scraperboard illustration with a lot of very fine detail, the monochrome colour pallet creating an outstanding bottle with incredible on-shelf presence, extraordinary visually.

Inspired by the presence of the White Stag on Arran, the ethereal creature is said to have been spotted on occasions both alone and as part of the regular herd of red deer which come down from the hills in Lochranza and graze in the bay, near Lochranza Castle.