Mor Zero Alcohol:  Bringing Joy to Not Drinking

The days of terrible tasting alcohol-free drinks, or the only non-alcoholic choice for adults being a lime and soda are long behind us…. thankfully.

Low and no-alcohol sales saw sales soar during the first lockdown as UK drinking habits changed.

This trend has inspired a plethora of new botanical beverages being created by innovative distilleries such as Mor Irish, who launched Mor Zero Alcohol, Eoin Bara of the distillery saying:

“Our zero option is made with Juniper, Coriander, Angelica root, Lemongrass, and Rosemary. Good traditional gin botanicals, but this isn’t a traditional gin, well it’s not even a gin at all, in order to be called gin it has to be 37.5% alcohol, and this, is 0% so we had to go down the route of calling it a ‘non-alcoholic botanical mix’ which certainly isn’t AS catchy but keeps us in check.”

So, with Mor Zero Alcohol, you get a seriously refreshing full flavoured drink, in an uncompromising glass bottle but without the alcohol content.  Perfect.