Reviving the ‘King of the Lowlands’ Introducing Rosebank

Ian Macleod distillers’ revival of the mothballed Rosebank Distillery has seen the once-revered “King of the Lowlands” make a welcome return, with an exquisite, intricate new bottle created by Allied.

The new distillery, built on the site of the original, embodies the signature state of the art spirit.  The level of detail that has gone into the build being reflected in the superb execution of the new packaging

With a truly unique design, the original Rosebank rose icon was redrawn as a cluster of three roses to represent triple distillation, a key factor in the unique Rosebank character. This was then delicately sand etched into the bottle’s neck, which it is believed is a world first.

The bottle itself, which is a finalist in the Luxury Packaging Awards, is made of the finest extra white flint glass.  A bespoke design its tall, elegant silhouette perfectly reflecting the refined character of the liquid within.