Unique and Quirky: Bold and Beautiful

Manchester based Zymurgorium is best known for creating brewing experiences and taste bud adventures.  Fascinated by the art of distillation, they create an amazing range of gins and liqueurs, beautifully packed in highly decorative bottles.

The distillery itself is avant-garde with bold ideas and a pioneering spirit, the quirky Sweet Violet Gin Liqueur bottle certainly being a playful assault on the senses.  Manufactured in standard flint glass, this unmissable bottle is certainly worthy of the Zymurgorium range, its simple profile complemented by an elegant neck and rounded shoulders, the tactile bottle incorporating intricate embossing of the Manchester worker bee and honeycomb paying homage to the city where the distillery is found  and a label which is packed full of imagery, typography and bold colours which screams individuality and undoubtedly makes the bottle stand out on shelf.