Reyka Vodka:  From Iceland:  With Clarity

Reyka Vodka is distilled in the coastal Icelandic town of Borgarnes, located 60km north of Reykjavik. The town is tiny, with a population of around 1800. So much so, that the Master distiller of Reyka is also part of the town’s fire service and police force!

The distillery boasts that Reyka is not just made in Iceland but made of Iceland, the vodka being made from glacial Arctic spring water, purified by filtration through 4000 year old lava fields of volcanic rock. So, there really is a little bit of Iceland in every beautiful bottle.

The distillery is very environmentally friendly. It is powered by energy derived from underground volcanoes. The bottle itself is conservatively stylish and is manufactured with over 50% recycled content, the subtly blue tinted glass and the embossing making it very tactile whilst being a nod to its country of origin.