Playfulness and Harmony for The Melodist

The Melodist is a gin brand created for the Tesco Finest range with two variants, a London Dry style and a London Dry Gin and sloe berries, the latter being expertly crafted by award winning liqueur experts Gabriel Boudier.

With the extraordinary boom in gin sales, the initial challenge was to create a credible supermarket own label.  Therefore, branding was created by experts Coley Porter Bell, the name – The Melodist – having been inspired by composers who achieve the same balance and harmony in music, by understanding the role of each instrument in an orchestra.

The illustration of the ensemble of musical instruments, such as gleaming brass horns, surround the lustrous wood of a fine cello and the botanical notes including juniper, Angelica, green tea and lemongrass which effloresce from the mouth of the French horn to show this.

The entire design which features on the stunning Brunel bottle, is playful whilst the finer detail suggests craft and artistry. The master distiller’s signature at the end further adding further credibility of both external expertise and the partnership.