Black Cow English Strawberries Vodka Goes into Their New Bottle

Black Cow English Strawberries is a delicious and sustainable expression, made with strawberries locally sourced by the distillery that are either left-over or too misshapen for sale.

The berries are pressed and infused in Black Cow Vodka for four days before being filtered and hand bottled.  The result is a strawberry vodka with an unparalleled natural strawberry flavour that is both creamy and smooth, which while crystal clear in appearance, also has a natural strawberry blush pink colour.

Founders Paul Archard and Jason Barber comment, “Having always used leftover produce which would otherwise go to waste to create Black Cow Vodka, this strawberry variant enables us to reduce waste further whilst creating a delicious a flavour which is perfect for the summer.”

Now bottled in Black Cow’s beautiful proprietary bottle which features an elegant tapered shape and ‘Pure Vodka Ltd’ in debossed lettering around the top the bottle, the smooth rounded shape of the bottle echoes the taste profile of Black Cow English Strawberries, whilst the slimmer and taller shape provides a more elegant silhouette elevating visibility.

Additionally, although the typography remains the same it now features vibrant yet elegant strawberries beautifully printed on the Black Cow badge.  The bottle also uses the same pilfer-proof cap which allows for the entire bottle to be recycled with greater ease.

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