Looking for a Standard Miniature Bottle?

Increasingly popular 50ml miniature bottles are incredibly versatile.  They are ideal for gift packs as they provide the perfect size for those wishing to sample different styles of a particular spirit, for when a small volume is needed to create a certain cocktail or if the consumer simply wants to take a conveniently sized bottle on a picnic or to a party.

Therefore, Allied has recently launched a new collection of miniature bottles.  With a range of shapes and available in both premium and standard flint, each one of the stylish bottles is perfect for a premium spirit, whether it be a bold gin, a warming whiskey, or a hand-picked liquor.

Many of the bottles are available from stock and for additional on shelf presence can be decorated using sprays and screen printing, without the outlay or volume commitments which are required for a bespoke miniature bottle.

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