Introducing:  CleanRum

Without doubt, health and wellness trends are gaining traction across the world.  Therefore, Allied Glass are delighted to have assisted the Clean Liquor Company with the launch of their low alcohol spirit range, the latest addition being CleanRum

Like its predecessor CleanGin, CleanRum contains just 1.2% alcohol by volume, normal rum having on average around 40% volume. Created by  a dedicated team at Union Distillers, the base liquid is developed following the same traditional methods used to make a classic Jamaican rum, but the Clean Liquor Co team have tweaked things ever so slightly to bring you a unique, low-alcohol recipe that still achieves that golden hue and spiced flavour that rum-drinkers will be so familiar with.  Dean Lavender, Head of Marketing at the Clean Liquor Company says:

“The rise in mindful drinking, along with health and wellness is a trend that is here to stay.  So, here at the Clean Liquor Company we are on a mission to create great tasting low alcohol spirits which are beautifully and creatively packaged.  It is therefore fantastic to see our CleanRum proving so popular.”

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