Bold and Beautiful:  A Bottle for Zealot’s Heart

BrewDog’s proprietary gin Zealot’s Heart is a heady product of obsession, made from scratch in a unique triple-bubble still. To cut through what is a crowded category, BrewDog created a brand identity which reflects their deep devotion to the distiller’s craft.

With a liquid that is unlike any other gin, BrewDog believed that a unique bottle design was needed. Inspired by the story of obsessive experimentation an apothecary-style container was designed, with the vivid blue glass providing a modern twist on this classic silhouette.  This created a bottle with the boldness and intensity to match the flavour of the gin inside.

For a gin that inspires devotion, the label was created to feel like a piece of holy scripture. The illustration contains many discoverable details that allude to the meticulous distillation process, with each of the botanicals deemed worthy of the Zealot’s Heart listed on the back.