Manchester Gin’s Iconic Bottle Goes Green

Manchester Gin has improved its sustainability by introducing environmentally friendly, flint glass bottles thanks to Allied.

With an average of 55% recycled content, the bottles will have the positive impact of reduced energy consumption, carbon footprint and use of natural resources in production, whilst maintaining the aesthetic of the iconic hexagon embossed packaging.

To achieve this, Allied Glass uses cullet in its batch mix sourced from bottle banks and kerbside collection schemes throughout the UK.  The glass can be infinitely recycled without any deterioration in the quality of the product, making the bottles with the recycled content an ideal eco-friendly choice.

Nolan Kane, Head of Emerging Brands at Allied Glass said, “Manchester Gin are continuing to push the boundaries of its green credentials especially this switch to glass encompassing an average of 55% recycled content. We’re proud to partner with a brand that is so committed to sustainability in everything that they do.”