Spray line Investment at Allied

Allied Glass has recently celebrated the commissioning of a new high-speed automatic spraying line at its’ dedicated decoration facility.

Expanding the company’s decoration capability, the new spraying line will be dedicated to the decoration of premium spirit bottles offering the ability to coat the glass with eco-friendly water-based sprays. The new line can spray the whole bottle, or only specific parts with one or more colours. A full range of gloss, matt, semi matt, opaque, translucent and clear lacquer paints are to be available and specific colours can be requested according to Pantone references, thus giving the possibility to achieve many different effects for premium spirit bottles.

‘This dedicated spray line will enable Allied to expand on the decorative effects we offer, which more and more of our clients require,’ said Gary Steen, Head of New Business Allied Glass. ’We offer screen printing and single or multi-colour spraying. Brand owners appreciate the value these effects can add to their bottles. Spraying can achieve the impact of coloured glass at less cost and screen printing can be applied over graduated spraying. The range of colours and effects offered by organic printing processes is almost limitless.’

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