Long Service Hero:  Alan Minto

Alan Minto, Production Mentor at the Knottingley site has recently celebrated a very significant milestone, achieving a quite staggering 45 years of service firstly to Gregg and Company and latterly Allied Glass.

Alan began his career in 1974, having decided a life in the neighbouring shipyard was not for him.  Having always worked in the Hot End, he was initially a trainee operator working on rudimentary Lynch Ten machines making jars and bottles for Daddy’s and HP Sauces.   As the years past Alan was promoted to a firstly Charge Hand and then Supervisor, working on the more modern Drum Drive  IS Machines which made only 42 bottles per minute.  In 1988, Alan became Production Manager and today works on the most modern IS machines which have the capability to run a speedy 200 bottles per minute.

The Allied Glass Production team have benefitted greatly from both his infectious sense of fun and his incredible bottle manufacturing experience, Alan having worked on many of Allied’s award winning bottles whilst also being key to the innovation of the company’s ultra-lightweight spirit bottles.

Everyone at Allied appreciates his contributions to the development of the company’s production capability and would like to take this opportunity to thank him for his inspirational devotion to the glass industry.