Allied Invests in Robot

Allied Invests in Robotic Swabbing

Continuous improvement makes Allied one of the industry leaders in the production of premium quality glass packaging, the latest investment being in robotic swabbing technology which will further help to strengthen the company’s market position.

Swabbing is the method of lubricating the moulds to form glass bottles, the Socabelec swabbing robot which has been installed on an existing machine ensures that the exact right amount of lubricant is put into the mould without production needing to be stopped.

The advantages of the swabbing robot includes increased work safety for the production operators who are able to have more time to monitor operations, improved bottle quality and higher productivity, Lliam Hopkins Allied’s Engineering Manager in Knottingley, says:

“With the swabbing robot, we don’t have the operator close to the machine on the blank side, meaning they have reduced interaction with moving machinery, this reduces the risk as there are fewer interactions. The operators themselves have given very positive feedback and think that they should be rolled out across all machines.

“The swabbing robot will also reduce environmental impact through the measured application of the swabbing oil use and further reduce a fire risk”.