Allied Creates a Symbol of Unique Bottle Design for Cù Bòcan

Cù Bòcan is an experimental highland single malt recently relaunched in a stunning new proprietary bottle from Allied Glass.

Cù Bòcan was created to unlock the unusual, packaged in an incredible bottle designed to reflect the unique nature of the spirit.  Striking visually, it is manufactured in the finest extra-white flint glass and uses a multi-layered spiralised design, created by unique faceting to perfectly reflect the contemporary nature of the spirit within.  Lorraine Waddell, Associate Brand Manager for the Cù Bòcan says:

“Our vision for the bottle was to celebrate the unique and experimental proposition created for Cù Bòcan.  Allied Glass have created a bespoke bottle inspired by Cù Bòcan’s subtle smoke and the influence of the casks shaping the liquid.’