Ninth Wave Gin

Ninth Wave Launched in Bespoke Bottle by Allied

The Hinch Distillery’s Ninth Gin has recently been revealed in a beautiful bespoke bottle from Allied Glass.  The bottle inspired by a combination of sea waves and ancient Celtic symbols, which is made in eye-catching blue glass, creates an instantly premium look for this fine gin, Derek Hardy of Hinch Distillery says:

“We wanted a bespoke bottle design that was unique and distinguishable for our exceptional gin, a bottle which would stand out in the increasingly crowded Irish gin market whilst capturing the brand’s premium qualities.  The result is a complex bottle design that perfectly reflects the individuality of Ninth Wave Gin.”

In Irish mythology, a mystical place lies beyond the Coast of Ireland, far out across the sea. Said to be the home of the Irish Sea God ‘Mac Lir’, these mystical islands, known as the ‘Otherworld’, are invisible to the naked human eye, devoid of sickness and death, and a place of eternal youth and beauty. One only reaches these islands by conquering the Ninth Wave, the greatest of all waves and the barrier that separates the Earthly world from the Otherworld.

Chris Robinson, who is Allied’s NPD Team Leader, says:

“We are really pleased with the unique shape of the bottle and the embossing looks beautiful perfectly reinforcing the Ninth Wave brand story.”

Ninth Wave Gin