Berry Bros & Rudd Gin Range

Luxury, flexibility and Quality for Berry Brothers & Rudd

With two Royal Warrants and more than 300 years of history, Berry Bros. & Rudd is Britain’s original  wine and spirits merchant.

Tracing its history back to 1698, when an enterprising woman called the Widow Bourne started an “Italian grocer’s” at No.3 St James’s Street, selling tea, snuff, spices and the most fashionable drink  of the day, coffee.

In due course, the focus shifted to something a little bit stronger. As wine became important to the  business, so too did spirits, Berry Bros. & Rudd starting bottling casks under their own label in the early 19th century,  making them Britain’s oldest independent spirits bottler. Three centuries on, the family business  continues to flourish, with its heart still very much at No.3.

While much has changed over the years, Berry Bros. & Rudd are still owned and managed by members of the Berry and Rudd families and continue to supply the British Royal Family, as they have done since the reign of King George III. From time to time, they still weigh customers on a giant set of coffee scales, a tradition that began in the 1760s, with Lord Byron, William Pitt and Beau Brummell among those who have had their weights recorded in their ledgers.

Most importantly, we still believe that everything you should look for in a wine or spirit comes down to one simple question: “Is it good to drink?”

Here at Allied Glass, we are proud to be a supplier to Berry Bros. & Rudd, a selection of their gins and whiskies being bottled in the beautiful premium standard range Newton bottle, Alec Stevens Allied’s New Business Development Manager says:

“Our premium standard range of bottles are perfect for creative, original and refined spirits, each one having been specifically designed to have a distinct personality which means we are able to offer containers appropriate for individual spirits.”

Berry Bros & Rudd Scotch Whisky