Unique Artwork for The Dead Rabbit Irish Whiskey

The Dead Rabbit Irish Whiskey is a super-premium Irish Whiskey that aims to capture all the edge and attitude of the legendary Irish emigrant Dead Rabbit NYC Gang and the award-winning Irish bar of the same name, located in downtown Manhattan, New York City. It is a five-year old blend featuring Irish malt and grain whiskey, finished in virgin American oak for 5 years and crafted by Master Distiller, Darryl McNally, in collaboration with Jack McGarry and Sean Muldoon, the founders of the award-winning New York bar, The Dead Rabbit Grocery & Grog

Dead Rabbit has a unique bottle which produces great on-shelf stand-out, with a premium look and feel created by distinctive design elements which includes a seal; which is the iconic upside-down dead rabbit. This embellishment requires great precision to be fixed and so is applied manually, creating a striking image in an area of the bottle which would otherwise be impossible to decorate using screen printing. Ross Marriott, Allied’s Decoration Manager says:

“Dead Rabbit is a beautiful and thoughtfully designed bottle which embodies the characteristics which make the spirit so unique, its distinctive look having been created to appeal to both new and existing Irish whiskey drinkers.”