The River Test Distillery_Mayfly Gin

Mayfly Gin Launched

When The River Test Distillery began planning their new premium Mayfly Gin they knew they wanted a distinctive bottle design which would really make their brand stand out from the crowd.

Inspiration for the spirit comes from the world-famous River Test which is the backdrop to the distillery and is internationally renowned for its fly fishing and ‘gin-clear waters’.

The concept for the beautiful bespoke bottle was developed with a consultative approach, thus ensuring that Allied were able to capture and optimise the finest details requested by The River Test Distillery. The intricate lined pattern emboss which wraps around the bottle is achieved by using advanced design technology. The glass pattern imitates both the flow of the river and the cross-hatch pattern of the fishing net which you can see when you look from the front of the bottle through to the back.

Chris Robinson, Design Team Leader at Allied, says:

“We are delighted by the emboss on the bottle as it looks truly beautiful whilst also reinforcing the brand story which makes Mayfly Gin so unique.”

To complete the exquisite design, the bottle is spray-painted on the base which creates a striking fresh green luminosity.

Sarah Nelson, of The River Test Distillery, says:

“When we began the journey of opening our own distillery, we knew we had a brilliant story to tell, and knew that it would be best captured through a beautiful bottle design. We assumed a bespoke bottle would be unachievable in the short term and we still can’t quite believe we’ve managed it! We couldn’t have done it without the talent, support and encouragement from our brand designers and Allied Glass, all of whom invested time with us at the very beginning and who were there to support us from beginning to end”.

The River Test Distillery_Mayfly Gin