Warners Gin Range

Redesigned Packaging for Warner’s Gin Range

Warner’s was born on Falls Farm in 2012. Using natural spring water and home-grown ingredients, the gin brand quickly became a local phenomenon and a gin lovers’ collectable. Their copper still, loving named ‘Curiosity’ has seen some of the most delightful distilling, working hard to ensure each bottle is something that Warner’s can be proud of.

An award-winning range of gins, Warner’s is motivated by a passion for nature and a love of the land, which is perfectly captured by the new packaging, the bespoke extra white flint containers featuring a visual narrative in intricate print of the brand story and phrases such as ‘Handmade in small batches’ and ‘Crafted with nature on Falls Farm’ embossed on the bottles.  Three of the bottles are sprayed using an organic spray, before they are all intricately printed using UV inks which are applied by Allied’s fully automatic Kammann printing machine.

Warners Gin