Kings County Distillery

Kings County Releases New Bottle by Allied


The Kings County Distillery of New York has recently announced the release of a new, custom-designed 750ml bottle.

Two years in the making, the bottle is made by Allied Glass to the distillery’s specifications and marks the transition from an experimental distillery making pints and half pints for its New York neighbours to a fully-fledged, nationally focussed craft distiller with distribution in 20 states and 6 countries.

When Kings County started in 2010, the distillery could barely make enough whiskey to fill 200ml flasks with moonshine , with increased distilling capacity from a new submarine-style pot still from Vendome Copper and Brass in Louisville, a steady pipeline of aging stock, and plenty of demand for a larger format, the whiskey is now available in full sized bottles.

The bottles, which feature the embossed words New York on the shoulders, really stands out from the array of other bourbon bottles, Nolan Kane New Business Development Manager at Allied Glass says:

“Kings County was looking for a unique signature bottle which would stand out on the shelf with a premium look and feel.  We are pleased to say we are really happy with the end result, the embossing on the unique bottle design really making a statement.”