A Vibrant Blue Bottle for Method & Madness Irish Gin

Method and Madness Irish Micro Distilled Gin was inspired by historic gin recipes dating back to 1798, which have been preserved at the Midleton Distillery.

The gin is a “reimagining” of Irish Distillers’ pot still Cork Crimson Gin in 2005, which was based on recipes, botanicals and methods found in a notebook from the 1790s, written by a rectifier in Cork, called William Coldwell.

Led by master distiller Brian Nation and apprentice distiller Henry Donnelly, the Method and Madness gin was created in ‘Mickey’s Belly’, Ireland’s oldest gin still, which was first commissioned in 1958 at the microdistillery in Midleton.

One of the most striking things about Method and Madness Gin is its unique packaging and design, the bottle for which is the same as the whiskey.   Striking, stand-out and contemporary where other competitors in the market focus on heritage, history and tradition.  A stunning aqua marine colour, its octagonal shape refracting and bouncing light.  The side panel embossing, which uses two opposing lines, produces a kaleidoscope of patterns within the bottle, bringing method and madness together.

The gin is made with a mix of 16 botanicals, with black lemon and Irish gorse flower at the fore. It is said to have notes of citrus and spice, with earthy undertones.

Brendan Buckley, innovation and specialty brands director at Irish Distillers, said: “At the very core of Method and Madness is a commitment to push the boundaries of what we can achieve in Midleton Distillery, and I believe that taking a confident leap into the modern premium gin category is the very definition of this mindset.”