Allied Supports St Patrick’s Distillery

Saint Patrick’s Distillery is based in Douglas County Cork, their goal being to produce spirits of character, taste and personality. Most spirits drunk today are produced from grains however Saint Patrick’s uses a potato base for their range of vodkas and gins because of its unique sweetness and versatility.

Using small batch artisanal methods, they produce a 100% potato vodka and a variety of potato gins, Classic Juniper, Extra Dry, three-time award-winner Elderflower and the sweet and crisp Sloe and Honey, all of which are packaged in the elegant Newton bottle from Allied’s premium range of standard bottles. A stylishly designed bottle specifically created for high quality spirits, it has a tapered body for ease of handling, Chris Todd Allied’s Innovation Manager, says:

“The Allied Design team are dedicated to helping our customers packaging their spirits in premium glass bottles, the Newton range offering a flexible yet distinctive, fit for purpose packaging solution.”