An Unmissable Bottle for 6 O’Clock Gin

Nearly 30 years ago, Edward and Penny Kain owned a fruit farm. As a side line they made fruity liqueurs, the first incarnation of the family’s gin recipe was created as the base for their piquant Sloe Gin.

Some years later, their children took over the now prosperous distillery and guided by the family expertise in liqueurs, began perfecting a gin recipe. This was the creation of the wonderful 6 O’Clock Gin.

Since then, 6 O’Clock Gin has won an array of awards and is recognised as a leader in its category. However, recently it was decided time to rethink the artisan gin’s packaging, with the aim of better conveying its renowned silky-smooth taste and high quality, whilst retaining some of the key recognisable visuals which had helped to establish its existing customer base.

Allied Glass therefore worked closely with the team at 6 O’Clock to create a contemporary and recognisable new bottle. The blue glass, which is a nod to the Bristol based heritage of the brand was retained and intricate embossing placed around the shoulder to create a powerful on-shelf presence.

As each bottle of 6 O’Clock is made in a 200-litre copper still called Kathleen, using just six botanicals beyond the mandatory juniper, orris root, winter savoury, orange peel, coriander seed and elderflower.