A Perfect Showcase for Allied Decoration

Allied Glass are delighted to be the sole supplier of bottles for the stunning collection of Whitely Neill spirits, a bespoke range which perfectly showcases the company’s technical and advanced value-added capabilities, spraying, printing and embossing all creating individuality and great on-shelf presence.

Featuring Whitley Neill embossed onto the shoulder and the phrase ‘distilling for 8 generations’ embossed at the bottom of the bottle, each one also includes an indentation for the label while retaining the signature colour of each expression.  Designed for added elegance and ease of use, the bottles are taller and slimmer than previous versions, James Stocker Marketing Director at Halewood, says:

“The introduction of a fresh, distinctive bottle was important to the brand’s future growth in the segment in which look and feel is an important consideration for consumers and hugely influential in the purchasing decisions within the category.”

Whitley Neill are handcrafted spirits of exceptional quality inspired by the vivid beauty and mystery of the world and a never-ending drive for perfection. Distilled in small batches by Johnny Neill, a direct descendent of Thomas Greenall and the last in a long line of distillers Whitley Neill brings together 8 generations of expertise and a life- long love of adventure.

Originally the dry gin was launched in 2005 by Johnny Neill as a handcrafted dry gin made in traditional fashion in England yet taking inspiration from his wife’s homeland of Africa. The iconic Baobob tree (the “Tree of Life” in Africa) pictured on the bottle provides fruits giving a distinctive citrus note which is balanced beautifully with another African fruit; the Cape Gooseberry. These work in harmony with the remaining 7 botanicals that make up Whitley Neill Gin.