A New Bottle for Curio Spirits

Curio Spirits produce award winning, small batch gin and vodkas in their distillery in West Cornwall husband and wife team William and Rubina Tyler Street, having successfully created a high-end range of spirits. However, in an increasingly crowded marketplace, Curio wanted to create a unique bottle which would support their mission to become much more responsible with their products.

The Design team at Allied immersed themselves in the project, building a close and collaborative relationship with the team at Curio in order to thoroughly understand the brand and create the bottle they were looking for, ultimately delivering a distinctive bottle with an outstanding look and feel, the profile having been created to ensure that the light shines perfectly through the carefully crafted facets.

In keeping with their mission, the new bottle is manufactured in standard flint which by its nature contains a high proportion of recycled glass content, replacing the previous extra white flint container which was produced in Europe, so also reducing the bottle’s carbon footprint. Curio have also replaced the glass stoppers in the bottles with recyclable wooden ones and the new labels are printed on recyclable paper. Rubina Tyler Street of Curio Spirits, says:

“Our aim was to make our entire pack more environmentally friendly, as well as being locally sourced, the new bottles are lighter than our previous containers and therefore require less fuel to transport.”

Established in 2015, Curio’s passion for flavour is in everything they do – the spirits being distilled a total of four times before bottling, their gin being made using Rock Samphire hand foraged from the clifftops.